Il Pastaio di Eataly

Il Pastaio di Eataly

Take a seat at our very own Pasta Bar! Il Pastaio di Eataly offers all of your favorite traditional Italian pasta dishes, featuring fresh pasta made daily in-house by our pastai. Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis; Pastaio does not accept reservations.


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Sunday - Monday 
11:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Friday & Saturday
11:30 a.m. - 9:30 p.m.

Fresh pasta making at Eataly NYC Flatiron
Explore some of the greatest generational secrets of the Italian culinary world at Il Pastaio di Eataly, a fresh pasta bar. Meaning "pasta maker," Il Pastaio offers fresh, housemade pasta by the bowlful, prepared daily by Eataly's very own pastai who knead, roll, cut and form each shape from scratch according to artisanal pasta-making traditions. Savor a variety of Eataly's regional Italian pastas, from the slow-roasted veal-filled agnolotti del plin of Piemonte to the saffron-enriched malloreddus of Sardegna, paired with a unique selection of Italian wine and beer by the glass.


Our semolina flour is certified organic and is produced by Molino Grassi, an Italian mill founded in Emilia-Romagna in 1934.

In order to achieve a rich flavor and golden color in our fresh pasta, we use naturally fertilized eggs from Saunders Farm, located in Brownstown, Pennsylvania.

For every shape, there is the perfect sauce! All of our sauces are created in-house, with recipes developed by Eataly's chefs following centuries-old Italian traditions. We use both high-quality ingredients imported from small producers in Italy and fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from U.S.-based farms and producers.


The secret to Eataly's pasta-making technique? Small hands and big hearts! Our team of pasta makers mix, knead, roll, cut, and form each pasta shape from scratch following artisanal Italian methods. We also use pasta machines with bronze die attachments to extrude certain shapes. Each bronze die offers a perforated filter giving each pasta shape a rough, porous texture. The result? Pasta that absorbs the sauce more easily and unique mouthfeel.



Watch and learn as each month our pastai handmakes a new specialty pasta from the Italian tradition at il Tavolo, our pasta-making table just behind the bar. Taste the results in two featured dishes, one version featuring the traditional Italian sauce pairing and the other, a more seasonal approach to it, then come back next month to experience a new shape!

For the next three months our experts will take you on a journey to discover unique and unusual shapes of pasta, that are neither lunga (long), nor corta (short), they are semi-lunga! Semi-long pasta is common among handmade shapes as it is harder to maintain consistent shapes and size when working by hand! This irregular pasta shapes are uncommon and immediately captivating. This May, discover the Fileja. Hailing from Calabria Fileja are made up of three simple ingredients - flour, water and salt - and get their shape by being twisted by hand around a thin cane called "danacu". Try them " con Ragú di Ceci," married with a rich hosuemade ragú of chickpeas and Spring Onion, and topped with Caciocavallo, or the traditional pairing "con 'Nduja," a sugo of traditional Calabrian 'Nduja, the spicy, spreadable salami, and tossed with cherry tomatoes, all expertly paired with regional vino!

Join us to taste both dishes then put a reminder in your calendar to come next month to discover the new shape.


Ti aspettiamo!