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Eat as the Romans Do at Eataly NYC Flatiron

Eat as the Romans Do at Eataly NYC Flatiron

Channel your inner Roman at Eataly this spring!

Take a long lunch — and go ahead and splurge on that glass of wine. You might get fired, but who cares? You're in Roma! After enjoying satisfying Roman dishes at our restaurants and counters, find the same ingredients in the market, and recreate the experience at home with simple regional recipes

From May 1 to June 4, eat, shop, and learn as the Romans do without leaving New York City!


For the next month, experience la dolce vita with special dishes at our restaurants and counters, from Supplì al Telefono (Roman rice croquettes) to savor at La Piazza and Il Pesce to Smilza (favorite streetfood of flatbread filled with mortadella) to take on the go from La Focaccia. Pair your experience with typical Roman wines, available at all restaurants and to walk around the store with a glass at Le Eccellenze.

Explore all restaurants and counters

Suppli_01 table dish


After you savor rich dishes, find the same ingredients used by our chefs on the market shelves. Throughout the store and online, we have simple Roman recipes complete with a shopping list, so you can bring Roma to your own table. Supplement your meal with our fresh Roman specialties, like our housemade treccia (Roman breadsticks), Pecorino Romano (the iconic cheese), and maritozzi (sweet buns filled with whipped cream or gelato).


And don't forget the wine! Eataly Vino is offering typical wines from Lazio, so your dinner can really look like a Roman's. As always, we offer almost nightly tastings, so come discover a new favorite bottle!



From de-stemming artichokes to tasting wines, get the top tips and tricks to cooking, eating, and living like a Roman at La Scuola. For the next month, our cooking school is offering special regional classes on la cucina romana, Roman cuisine, in addition to our regularly scheduled demos and events.

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Buon appetito! You're gonna need it.