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Truffle Day at Eataly NYC Flatiron

Truffle Day at Eataly NYC Flatiron

Mark your calendar: Eataly NYC Flatiron is celebrating Truffle Day on Wednesday, November 21. In time for the holidays, bring home fresh white truffles from Italy with the lowest price of the season and enjoy specially-priced truffle dishes in our restaurants!

Why is this exciting? Fall is the peak season for the revered white truffle! In Italy and across the world, white truffles are considered culinary gold. The small, aromatic, and bumpy tubers are incredibly rare, only in season for a few months in Alba in northern Piemonte, where they typically grow among oak, hazel, poplar, and beech trees. And the taste? The prized ingredient boasts earthy aromas and notes of shallot, leaving a truly unforgettable flavor to savor.


Looking for the best deal on truffles? Only on Wednesday, November 21, shop fresh, Italian white truffles at the lowest price of the season. Market fluctuation has allowed us to go even lower and all fresh truffles will be available for $11.80 $5.90 per gram!*

Once you get your truffle to take home, browse our marketplace for truffle oils, sauces, and more – not to mention the pasta and rice to go with it. Then, plot your next holiday feast. Fresh truffles are best shaved over a simple but quality dishes, such as bruschetta, risotto, pasta, and much more. In other words: move over, pork roast. The new maestro of the meal is here!

Learn more about how to eat and care for truffles here, then pick up your own at an unbeatable price on Truffle Day, November 21.

*While supplies last; sale begins at 9 a.m. EST


Not sure if you're ready to commit to buying a whole fresh truffle? Get a taste in our restaurants with specially-priced shaved truffle supplements on November 21. Enjoy a fresh shave atop risotto, pasta, and more! Explore all restaurants to get a sneak peek the kinds of dishes we're cooking up. Pssst... don't miss the wide variety of truffle-forward dishes at Manzo, our butcher restaurant!


Just passing through? Be sure to stop by our butcher window just outside of Manzo for a taste of truffle risotto and vintage wines by the glass. On November 21 From 12 to 5 p.m. we'll be stirring up creamy, decadent risotto made with truffle butter and pouring aged vintage wines to pair along with it. Grab a plate and a glass, then explore our marketplace while you indulge in the heavenly flavors.

Happy truffling!

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