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Pasta Giro

Pasta Giro

Thank you to everyone who played a round of pasta giro with us last month!  The pasta giro option is currently not available, as we're giving our pasta chefs a well-deserved rest. We're always adding new events and dishes to La Pizza & La Pasta – check out the latest!

Ready for your pasta dreams to come true? Now, you can taste your way across Italy with Pasta Giro, our all-you-can-eat pasta menu.

From the fresh agnolotti del plin of northern Piemonte to the dried vesuvio al ragù di agnello of southern Campania, Italian pasta varies based on the regional biodiversity and traditions. Try as many varieties as you can at La Pizza & La Pasta!

Mondays through Thursdays, join Pasta Giro for just $35 per person plus an optional $15 for wine pairings. See the menu!


Even pasta games have rules, so keep in mind:

1. The whole table has to participate — you're in, or you're out (and believe us, you want to be in!).

2. Let our chefs take you on a tour of Italy as you taste pasta dishes from different regions.

3. Mangia! Eat up and enjoy.

4. You must completely finish the pasta on your table before your server orders the next round. Let us know when you're ready to explore another region, and we'll bring you the next dish.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4. And it's not technically a rule, but we recommend selecting wine pairings with your Pasta Giro experience!

Buon appetito — you're gonna need it!