Bring Home Cannoli

Bring Home Cannoli

New Yorkers, find your nearest rooftop ‘cause we have news to shout! Eataly NYC Flatiron has opened a cannoli bar. 

Yes, it's true! Savor real Sicilian cannoli at I Cannoli di Eataly. Located just past our entrance at 200 Fifth Avenue, the bar is so immersed in cannoli and wine that you may forget you’re not on a sunny southern island in Italy.

Following Sicilian traditions, our cannoli team fills one of two crunchy housemade shells (classic or chocolate-covered) with your choice of 10 flavors of sweet ricotta, including both cow's milk ricotta and the traditional Sicilian filling of sheep’s milk ricotta, imported from Sapori della Nostra Terra in Palermo. Then, we roll the cannolo in any of 17 toppings ranging from toasted pistachios to dark chocolate to Amarena cherries. our count, that gives you 340 possible cannoli. We know. You have a lot of tasting to do. Start strong with a large cannolo (or two), or get started with a flight of seven mini cannoli, which offers a taste of all seven flavors of cow's milk ricotta. Then, bring the experience with you, thanks to the build-your-own-cannoli kits. Whether you're at home or your next party, these kits promise to be a hit.

The cherry on top (aside from, you know, the actual toppings)? The Sicilian wine. Our sommeliers picked only the best vini siciliani that perfectly complement the region's famous treat. Why not indulge with a glass — or two? After all, you cannoli live once!

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