SUMMER THE ITALIAN WAY – This Memorial Day, grill (and chill) like an Italian with the best food and drink from Italy. Get your grill on.

Bruschetta Festival

Bruschetta Festival

If you think avocado toast is the best thing ever, get ready to be schooled alla romana. Romans have been eating their own elevated grilled bread since the days of the gladiators: bruschetta! 

Step into a tasting arena at our first-ever Bruschetta Festival featuring 10 varieties on May 20 from 1 to 5 p.m.! Scattered across the marketplace, five bruschetta stations will each offer two different types of the tasty snack.

To create each plate, thick slices of our own freshly-baked rustic bread is grilled to perfection, then topped with flavorful ingredients, from artichoke pesto to eggplant caponata. Your best bet? Try them all. After all, you're in Roma!

Tickets will be available at the Guest Relations desk by the 23rd Street entrance during the event (not in advance). Pick up one ticket for $3 and five tickets for $12. Each ticket gets you a tasting of two bruschette per station!

Word to the wise: bruschetta is pronounced "broo-sket-tah." Don't let our resident Romans hear you say "boo-shet-tah"!

Enjoy more tastes of Roma all month long with special dishes in our restaurants, ingredients in the market, and classes at La Scuola. Get the details!