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Bring Home an Italian

Bring Home an Italian

This holiday season, bring home an Italian...gift, that is! From overflowing gift boxes to Milanese panettoni, our Italians are rich and sweet, timelessly stylish, and always a hit at any party.

In Italy, we have always considered good food to be the best gift, dating back to our grandparents' days of hardship when it was much less abundant. We need food to survive, and sharing it showed love. Thanks to our nonni, that tradition has held strong among Italians today. Culinary gifts offer a treat we wouldn't always buy for ourselves but will enrich daily life. Wouldn't you love to be given a hunk of Parmigiano Reggiano at your next dinner party or find a box of artisanal chocolates in your stocking?

This year, spread the word with your own friends and family. Show you know better than giving the same old tie or board game, and explore our entire marketplace of gifts throughout the holidays. Bring home an Italian, and give the gift of food to the ones you love (and that includes yourself!).

Buone Feste!