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Your New Flatiron Lunch Options

Your New Flatiron Lunch Options

Looking for new places to lunch in the Flatiron area? Tired of lunch al desko? Eataly NYC Flatiron now offers three prix fixe lunch options!

In Italy, lunch is considered the most important meals of the day. Many Italians leave work to enjoy a home-cooked meal with their family, or they dine out with coworkers in a nearby restaurant.

Want to take part in this tradition? Now you can! Enjoy an authentic Italian mid-day meal in a New York minute at Eataly! Head to La Pizza & Pasta, Manzo, or Il Pesce for a genuine, yet quick lunch that will have you feeling rejuvenated and ready to conquer the rest of the day. Of course, don’t forget to have your espresso on the way out.

Discover our three prix fixe lunch options below, then plan your visit!


Two-course lunch featuring your choice of a housemade salad paired with a specialty pasta or panino | $19

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Two dishes, featuring your choice of one antipasto and a main dish | $35* (*Wagyu Skirt Steak $45)

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Two-course seafood-centric meal featuring your choice of one antipasto (think: oysters and pesce crudo) and one main fish dish | $26

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Pranziamo! Let’s have lunch!