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Drinkeasy: Late-Night Speakeasy

Drinkeasy: Late-Night Speakeasy

Revelers, come forth! We are bringing back Drinkeasy, a late-night speakeasy, Eataly-style, featuring our bartenders' best creations and a live DJ at SERRA by Birreria, our pop-up on the roof.

After the restaurant closes to the public, we'll open the bar back up for those only in the know. In true speakeasy form, one may not simply walk into Drinkeasy — you'll need the password.

Just send an email to socialmedia@eataly.com to request the secret word, and be sure to include your name and the number of spots you'd like to reserve. If you show up the night of without the password, you shall not pass! This is after hours, after all.

Space is limited, so request your password! Please note that we accept requests no earlier than two weeks in advance of each event. Mark your calendar for the next dates:

April 27 (password available starting April 16)
May 25 (password available starting May 14)
June 29 (password available starting June 18)
July 27 (password available starting July 16)
August 31 (password available starting July 20)

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