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Drinkeasy: Fall Edition

Drinkeasy: Fall Edition

Revelers, come forth! On the last Friday of every month this summer, we've been hosting Drinkeasy, a late-night speakeasy, Eataly-style, featuring our bartenders' best creations and a live DJ under the stars.

Now, as the summer heat gives way to the cozy fall air, we're hosting a special autumn edition of Drinkeasy on September 29, featuring fall-themed cocktails from our bartenders and Kelvin Slush Co.!

After the restaurant closes to the public, we'll open the bar back up for those only in the know. In true speakeasy form, one may not simply walk into Drinkeasy — you'll need the password. Just send an email to to request the secret word, and be sure to include your name and the number of spots you'd like to reserve. If you show up the night of without the password, you shall not pass! This is after hours, after all. Space is limited, so request your password before space is full!

Check out all the upcoming dates!

September 19 | Fall Edition
November 17 | Classic
December 01 | Let's Get in the Holiday Spirit
December 15 | Holiday Party, Baita-style

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