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Complimentary Tasting: Southern Italian Olive Oils

Complimentary Tasting: Southern Italian Olive Oils

Join us on Saturday from 12-3 p.m. in our olive oil section for a complimentary tasting session of southern Italian olive oil from our Chief Oleologist, Nick Coleman!

Extra virgin olive oil is ubiquitous in the Italian kitchen, from drizzles on dishes to sautéing to even a pure tasting of the oils.

Whereas "virgin" oil is pressed twice and "pure" oil is chemically refined and filtered, extra virgin olive oil — created through the very first pressing — is the freshest and highest quality; always look for it in the market! At Eataly NYC Flatiron, we have more than 100 extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality for you to discover.

As with wine, the taste of olive oil varies from the north to the south, as each olive oil is a product of its terroir, or "taste of place." Learn more about the terroir of olive oil on Eataly Magazine!