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Complimentary Tasting: New Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Complimentary Tasting: New Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Come visit us every Saturday and Sunday from 3-7 p.m. in our new olive oil section near La Piazza, to enjoy complimentary tastings of new harvest extra virgin olive oils!

Every fall, olives are harvested across Italy. This is a very delicate stage of olive oil production, as it is key to harvest at the fruit's perfect maturation phase as quickly as possible to maintain freshness before pressing.

Producers harvest the olives using a variety of methods, including raccattatura, waiting for the olives to fall when they’re at their peak ripeness; scrollatura, shaking the branches; pettinatura, combing the olives off with a small rake; and bacchiatura, knocking the olives down with poles.To protect the olives for the best resulting oil, hand picking is the safest technique. The olives are then quickly moved to the mill, where they should be cold pressed within hours.

Now, last year's harvest are now available to enjoy, and we will be here to guide you through a complimentary tasting of oils from the new harvest!