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Aperitivo in Piazza: Bottiglione Bar

Aperitivo in Piazza: Bottiglione Bar

'Tis the season to eat, drink, and be merry! At La Piazza, our standing enoteca located in the heart of our marketplace, we're doing just that with a special large format wine menu available only Monday through Friday from 5-7 p.m. through December 31, 2018.



In Italian, bottiglia means "bottle," while bottiglione means "big bottle." All month long, we're pouring a variety of Italian wines from our selection of large format wines in La Piazza.

What's so special about bottiglione, you ask? Not only do bigger bottles mean more wine – they also mean better wine.

Big bottles age more gracefully. As a wine gets older, it interacts with the air moving in and out of the cork. With large format bottles you have a higher volume of wine relative to the surface area. This means that the wine is affected less by the air moving in and out of the cork. The result is a slower aging process that allows the wine to develop more flavor over time.

Another reason we love large format bottles? We're able to offer exceptional wines (think: 18-year-old Barolo) at exceptional prices. We want you to have the chance to taste excellent wine, and large format bottles allow us to pour a glass starting at $15.

Finally, bottiglioni are also perfect for sharing with large groups. So grab your friends, family, and fellow vino-lovers, and start spreading the word. Our large format bottles start at $150, a great price for a party!

The Bottilgione Bar is available at La Piazza every weekday from 5 to 7 p.m. Explore the Bottiglione Bar menu and plan your visit! 


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