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Alla Pala Pizza & Enoteca

Alla Pala Pizza & Enoteca

Pizza lovers, rejoice! From Rome with love, a new pizza-by-the-slice and enoteca experience has arrived in New York City.

Now open at Eataly NYC Flatiron, Alla Pala Pizza & Enoteca offers authentic Roman-style pizza by the slice paired with regional Italian wines by the glass or bottle.


Pizza alla pala is a style of pizza made with a high-hydration, long-rising dough that Roman bakers stretch lengthwise and top with high-quality ingredients. Unlike the wood-fired Neapolitan variety, the dough is baked in an electric oven and then slipped from the oven onto a wooden pala, or "paddle," topped with fresh ingredients as desired, and served. The resulting pizza boasts a thick crust with a crispy exterior that yields to a soft, airy interior with each perfect bite.

Created by our Global Head of Bakery, Fulvio Marino, our pizza alla pala dough is made of a perfect combination of three different flours: farina 00, buratto, and whole wheat. Each flour is 100% organic and Italian, hailing from Mulino Marino, Fulvio’s family-owned mill in Piemonte. Passionately devoted to grains and baking, the Marino family has dedicated their lives to producing and using stoneground flours following the tradition of their ancestors.

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From the classic varieties (think: Margherita and Capricciosa) to seasonal rotating pizze, you can enjoy nine different pizza options for lunch, each featuring fresh, high-quality ingredients. Then, starting at 5 p.m., you can order from among our pizza alla pala varieties, or try one of our specialty, made-to-order pizza gastronomica! Visit Alla Pala Pizza & Enoteca to get the full menu.


What is pizza gastronomica? Put simply, pizza gastronomica is a work of art! Crafted from the creative genius of our pizzaioli chefs, our pizze gastronomiche are whole, specialty pizze topped with high-quality, seasonal ingredients. Each pizza is made with a unique, complementary dough: classic dough, enkir dough, or whole wheat dough. Similar to the traditional pizza alla pala, pizza gastronomica is baked in an electric oven, sliced, and then served on a pala, or "wooden paddle." Each slice and each bite boasts a perfectly balanced flavor, thanks to the meticulous care our pizzaioli put into making every inch of the pizza.

Yes, we take pizza seriously!

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Want to learn more about the origins of this authentic Roman-style pizza? Read about Pizza alla Pala on Eataly Magazine to learn more!