TOSCANA - Meet the artists and artisans behind Tuscan food and art ― especially the food. Get the details!

NYC Flatiron

  • Bistecca alla Fiorentina

    From April 24 to 30, celebrate Meat Week with 30% off prime cuts at your local Eataly, then grill up this classic Tuscan steak.
  • Eataly Saves The Last Supper

    Saving suppers since 2007, Eataly is sponsoring an air-filtration system that will breathe 500 more years of life into The Last Supper.
  • Meet Emilio Cavallini

    This April, discover Firenze-based artist Emilio Cavallini's modern Tuscan art, which we've installed alongside our modern Tuscan food in New York City.
  • Discover Midtown from Your Pocket

    From the Empire State Building to Eataly, the Destination Midtown app is your personal tour guide to help you explore the best places around Midtown. Download today!
  • Wine Wednesday

    Vino lovers, enjoy a mid-week treat with Wine Wednesdays in La Piazza, where our expert beverage team chooses a unique wine to pour at a special price.
  • Eat Better, Save Better

    At Eataly, we want you to taste all the high-quality food and drink that we love, so we are now offering a curated selection at special prices, only through April 30. Continue reading

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