MEET ME IN VENEZIA - This month, lose yourself in a maze of Venetian food, drinks, and beyond - without the long flight! Learn more.

NYC Flatiron

  • Picture Perfect Pairings

    This Sunday, host the ultimate watch party with our deliciously themed and cinematic snacks! The envelope — er, platter — please.
  • Risotto al Nero

    Typical to Venezia, this flavorful recipe for black risotto incorporates shrimp and squid ink — ingredients that are readily available around the "Floating City"!
  • Aperitivo in Piazza San Marco

    Enjoy a typical Venetian aperitivo in our own Piazza San Marco, then stop by on Friday evenings for the pop-up Cicchetti & Spritz Bar.
  • The Food Lover's Guide to Veneto

    Discover the ins and outs of Venetian cuisine, then join us for an authentic taste of the Floating City and its home region!
  • The True Venetian Spritz

    For the ultimate taste of Venezia, reach for the sunset-colored Venetian Spritz by Select Aperitivo. Continue reading

  • Eat Better, Save Better

    At Eataly, we want you to taste all the high-quality food and drink that we love, so we are now offering a curated selection at special prices, only through March 6. Continue reading

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