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Vino Hour

Vino Hour

This fall, unwind after work with $8 glasses of wine during Vino Hour, our all-new happy hour — or just get a bottle for $30!

On weekday evenings, swing by Vino e Grano, the wine-grain restaurant that greets you right at the entrance of Eataly NYC Downtown; explore our special Vino Libero menu; and sip natural Italian wines at special prices. You can relax at the bar, or take your glass on the go and explore the marketplace.

Sounds like a happy hour  — two in fact!


Plan your visit to enjoy natural Italian wines with special prices during the special hours:

Monday to Friday
5-7 p.m.

Glass: $8
Bottle: $30

The selection features eight wines from Vino Libero, ranging from sparkling to red. Explore the menu!



Vino Libero is a consortium of Italian winemakers who all share the same goal: to produce high-quality wine without using chemical fertilizers and herbicides and minimal amounts of added sulphates.

The resulting vino is libero — "free" — from all of these negative elements, making each bottle not just better tasting but better for you. In other words: natural wines, the way Dionysus intended them! We'll cheers to that.

Learn more about Vino Libero on Eataly Magazine!


Drink better, live better.