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Ravioli in a New York Minute

Ravioli in a New York Minute

New Year's resolutions are for quitters. Keep the party going at our take-away ravioli counter! ...no, you're not dreaming, and our agnolotti will give you a tasty "pinch" to prove it. 

Stop by I Ravioli to pick up your favorite stuffed pastacooked to order for you to enjoy wherever you want. Made before your eyes in a New York minute, these high-quality ravioli dishes are ready for you to devour right here at Eataly NYC Downtown, take to your own cozy home, or make your coworkers envious back in the office. At I Ravioli, the possibilities are endless. What can we say? You're welcome.

While your experience is quick and simple, we make our ravioli slowly and carefully.

Every day, our pastaii — pasta makers — wrap delicate egg pasta dough around rich fillings, then cut traditional shapes. Then, once you place your order, we cook the stuffed pasta and prepare with a complementary light sauce. From pansotti ("little bellies"), filled with fresh spinach and ricotta and paired with tomato-basil sauce, to fiori ("flowers"), stuffed with sweet spring peas and mixed in a Parmigiano Reggiano sauce, I Ravioli uses both local and Italian ingredients to make our tasty stuffed pasta.

Explore the ravioli menu, including daily specials, then plan your trip! I Ravioli is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.


You're welcome!