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Slow Wine Tour 2019

Slow Wine Tour 2019

Mark your calendar for March 11, when we are hosting the Slow Wine Tour 2019 at Eataly NYC Downtown! From 6 to 8 p.m., join us for the walk-around wine tasting, and get ready to eat, drink, and learn about the sustainable wineries through 100-plus wines from Italy and beyond.

In other words: get ready to drink for good!

Following its sister organization, Slow Food, Slow Wine supports and promotes wine that is goodclean, and fair. Just like the food we eat, wine is an agricultural product that affects the lives of the people who produce it, as well as the environment. Pesticides, herbicides and excessive water use are all too common in wine production these days, hurting the land and the people who live there.

Slow Wine works with small-scale Italian and American winemakers who follow traditional and sustainable techniques, work with respect for the environment, and protect the wine regions' biodiversity of grape varieties. So, when you support these sustainable winemakers (think: drink sustainable wine!), you support the planet.

...we'll cheers to that! Raise a glass to Slow Wine at our tasting event on March 11. Throughout the evening, you can meet these same sustainable winemakers from Italy and California — and drink their wine, of course.

At just $75 per personyour ticket grants you full access to more than 100 wines poured by winery representatives and our own beverage experts. Because we're Eataly, the wines will be paired with overflowing food stations, including Italy's best cured meats and cheeses, housemade pizza, and more. And there's more: you will also take home a copy of the 2019 edition of the Slow Wine Guide, which tells the story of more than 400 wineries (including some of our guests on March 11).


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