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Pasta Ripiena Day

Pasta Ripiena Day

This week, Eataly NYC Downtown is opening a window into Emilia-Romagna by exploring the region’s iconic products during the festivities for La Prima Settimana della Cucina Italiana nel Mondo (The First Week of Italian Cuisine in the World). Join us on Sunday, November 20, as we celebrate pasta ripiena — stuffed pasta — with free classes and tastings!


Tortellini, cappelletti, ravioli – stuffed pasta is a delicious specialty of Emilia-Romagna. Fresh egg pasta dough is wrapped around rich local products, including salumi like prosciutto and mortadella, cheese like Parmigiano Reggiano, and much more. Fresh pasta varies from town to town in the Italian region, using different shapes and fillings according to local tradition.


Learn about the tradition of stuffed pasta in four free classes at Foodiversità, our "food university."

Pasta Ripiena Across Emilia-Romagna
12 p.m., 1 p.m., & 6 p.m. November 20

Famed food writer Francine Segan will take you on a culinary trip across the region as she describes various town’s traditions of stuffed pasta and offers tastes sprinkled with Sale di Cervia sea salt and paired with wine (Umberto Cesari “Colle del Re” Albana di Romagna 2014).

Hospitality, Culture, and Gastronomy of “Le Cesarine”
3 p.m. November 20

Discover the fascinating tradition of “Le Cesarine.” These home cooks are with the unique nonprofit Home Food, which is dedicated to preserving culinary traditions in Emilia-Romagna by hosting dinners from the kitchens of their local “Cesarine.” Class will be led by Giorgio Ciani from Le Cesarine, in addition to Francine.

The duration of each class will be approximately 30 minutes. Advance registration is not needed, and participation is first come, first served. Find us in the scenic northwest corner of the market, overlooking 1 World Trade Center.

Present throughout the day will also be the Enoteca of Emilia-Romagna and the "Mariette" from Casa Artusi, who are also teaching free workshops on fresh pasta across the marketplace.

Discover the full calendar of free classes and tastings during Emilia-Romagna Week!

Enogastronomia dell'Emilia Romagna �Paolo Barone