Preserves & Honey

Preserves & Honey

The tradition of creating preserves and honey is rich in Italy. Though they are primarily used as sweet spreads on toast in the morning, these sweet spreads can also be paired with cheese and salumi, like our chefs do every day in La Piazza.


All Bastianich honeys are made in limited quantities from hives located in the Bastianich vineyards of Cividale del Friuli and Buttrio, in the northeastern corner of Italy. Their Millefiore honey is made from various nectar gathered in the spring, when the lush hills of Friuli experience a sudden explosion of flowerings. Light to dark amber when clear and a creamy hue when crystallized, the flavor is intensely sweet and pairs best with delicate and savory cheeses of medium age.


Hailing from the Val di Non in Trentino in northeastern Italy, Mieli Thun was founded in 1921 by Andrea Paternoster. His grandson took over the business in 1992, and it remains a family production to this day. Mieli Thun enjoys promoting unusual characteristics that can be found in well-made, monofloral honeys.


Prunotto Mariangela is a family farm in the heart of the gastronomic landscape of Le Langhe, Piemonte. Founded by Mariangela and run by her son Roberto, all of the fruit they grow is 100% organic. No chemicals are added to any of their preserves, and their production facilities in Alba are equipped with solar panels to generate 100% sustainable energy.


For 20 years, Il Mongetto has been inspired by the countryside of its native Piemonte. In the town of Vignale Monferrato, they not only produce preserves but also make wine and host guests at their agriturismo.


Paniere is a consortium of products that are protected by the province of Torino. Each product ensures artisanal production based on local tradition and the use of exclusively local ingredients. Its honeys follow the most antique alpine practices, cultivated from bees that live in the local mountain valleys.


Founded in 1892 in Noto, Sicilia, this pasticceria is famous for its confections made from the best ingredients. Brothers Carlo and Corrado Assenza are at the helm, and their preserves utilize the freshest local fruits.