For our dairy selection, we share fresh milk, cream, butter, and yogurt from small sustainable farms across New York State and the Hudson Valley. In fact, we use that same milk to make our fresh mozzarella and your creamy cappuccino at Caffè Lavazza!


On the lush foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, the Joseph and Meck family have a small farm. Here, they only feed their cows grass to produce 100% whole milk yogurt that is lightly sweetened with evaporated can sugar, real fruit, natural flavors and nothing else.


Hudson Valley Fresh is a not-for-profit dairy cooperative dedicated to preserving the agricultural heritage of the Hudson River Valley. It is their mission to secure living wages for their farmers and their families. Their rich and pure cream is 40% fat rather than the standard 36%, and their sour cream is made from an old-fashioned family recipe using a combination of whole milk and heavy cream.


In Pine Planes, New York, in the Hudson Valley, the Osofsky family has raised a long line of prizewinning Holsteins for nearly 70 years. Ronnybrook Milk is pasteurized but not homogenized, so the cream floats to the top. They have been making yogurt for over 8 years and use the freshest ingredients and no artificial flavors or stabilizers. Their butter is fresh churned in small batches at their creamery to create creamy butter with a higher fat content. It is a favorite among chefs because it doesn’t burn as quickly when cooking.


In a small Hudson Valley village just two hours from NYC, Coach Farms produces fresh and aged goat cheese from French Alpine Dairy Goats born and raised on their farm. They also craft exceptional drinkable goat’s milk yogurt made with pasteurized goat’s milk and active yogurt cultures and probiotic yogurt made with live active cultures.


Battenkill Creamery was founded by 4th and 5th generation farmers, Donald and Seth McEachron. Their great-great grandfather began milking cows just up the valley in 1902 and their grandfather found their farmland in 1945. Battenkill milk goes from cows to bottles in less than eight hours, and we exclusively use their milk at our two coffee bars: Caffè Lavazza & Caffè Vergnano.


Latteria Soresina was founded in 1900 in the Soresina-Castelleone province in the region of Lombardia. This fertile land is the heart of milk production in Italy and the diet of the Sorresina cows follows rigourous guidelines to ensure the highest quality milk. Their creamy butter is made with the freshest cream from milk obtained that very day.


Beppino Occelli butter is handmade in the hills of Le Langhe in the northwestern region of Piemonte. The diet of the cows follows rigorous guidelines and the butter is churned with fresh cream and milk that is still warm. Try it smeared on a crisp Eataly baguette.