Every day, our bakery produces freshly-baked bread for the restaurants, counters, and market with our secret ingredients: a custom-built wood-fired oven, select freshly-milled flours, and a time-honored mother yeast. 


Eataly's oven was brought over from Spain on a container ship and assembled, brick by brick, in the bakery. The oven is powered solely by sawdust that was compressed into logs by hydraulic pressure. Each tile within the oven has a different temperature, so the loaves of bread have to be moved to account for these variations. Every 10 minutes, the large plate in the oven is rotated by hand, finished loaves are removed from the oven, and newly-formed loaves are put into the oven.


Lievito madre, or "mother leaven," is the key to transforming flour and water into traditional Italian bread. Yeast helps the bread rise to perfection and adds a unique flavor that is specific to the climate, water, flour, and history behind each mother. Transported to the U.S. from Italy, our own time-honored yeast gives each loaf a rustic sourness; it is tested daily by our head baker to determine how to yield the best bread possible.


The Marino family started producing flour in the mid 1950s in the town of Cossano Belbo in the region of Piemonte. Mulino Marino uses exclusively organic grains for their flours and ancient millstones that have been passed down from generation to generation. The stone-grinding technique preserves essential nutrients in the grains for added nutritional value and flavor.

Every day in Clinton Corner, New York, Wild Hive Farm stone-grounds our flour at a private mill dedicated to Eataly. Owner Don Lewis gets his whole grains exclusively from local and regional organic farms. We handcraft each loaf in the antique Italian tradition with natural yeast and bake it in our wood-burning oven.