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Le Stagioni Presents Il Tartufo

Le Stagioni Presents Il Tartufo

Don't miss the end of truffle season at Eataly NYC Downtown! Ready your taste-buds for the earthy aromas and delicate flavors of prized white truffles from Alba, Piemonte.

How, you ask?

By booking your table at Il Tartufo by Le Stagioni! This truffle pop-up restaurant is hosted by our seasonal trattoria. And there's nothing more seasonal than truffles! All year long, we wait for this ingredient to return to the table. Now, you can taste it for yourself with a supplemental fresh truffle shaving over any dish on the menu, only while the season lasts.

In addition, the pop-up features Tartufo Bianco Tasting, a special menu that gives you the rare opportunity to experience two classic Piemontese dishes topped with freshly shaved truffle: a sunny-side-up Red Gate egg on grilled rustic bread and housemade tajarin pasta. Swoon. Take your meal to the next level with a special Barolo flight pairing, which comprises two glasses of the "King of Wines" to sip alongside these noble dishes.

il tartufo truffle dish


Glad you asked. A truffle is a tuber that only grows underground in the wild forests of northern and central Italy. Revered as rare culinary gold, truffles cannot be planted or tamed; each variety is only available a few months out of the year.

White truffles from Alba are the rarest of all. They hail from Le Langhe, a fertile area in Piemonte situated between the Tanaro and Po Rivers and the Alps and Appenine mountain ranges. The area's rolling hills, with soil rich in clay and marl, allow the tuber to grow larger around the roots of oak, poplar, and linden trees. The resulting truffle is prized for its intensity of flavor, which has notes of shallots that are perfectly presented in our chefs' simple, quality dishes at Il Tartufo.

truffle  dish tartufo hands


Il Tartufo is a collaboration with Urbani Truffles, the world’s most esteemed distributor of the revered Italian truffle.

Led by brothers Paolo and Bruno Urbani, direct descendants of the company’s founder, Urbani works directly with local truffle hunters who are connected to the land. These hunters and their trained dogs, following ancient traditions, search for the rare tuber; Urbani helps us get their fresh findings less than 48 hours out of the earth!



Overwhelmed by truffles? Once you taste the earthy, aromatic ingredient, you'll understand why we dedicated an entire restaurant to it.

Il Tartufo is open every day for lunch and dinner. Explore the menu and hours here, then plan your visit! Walk in without reservations, finding the sunny spacious corner overlooking lower Manhattan, or book your table in advance. Whatever you do, don't let truffle season pass you by.

Buon appetito!

risotto truffle tartufo farrotto dish