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Italia del Gusto: Savory Polenta Cakes at Foodiversità

Italia del Gusto: Savory Polenta Cakes at Foodiversità

Polenta is a Northern Italian staple made with coarse stone-ground cornmeal. It is often referred to as the Italian version of grits, as it is also a type of hearty porridge a with grainy texture. These Italian "grits" were essential to peasants and working class families when invented, as it is an inexpensive and easy dish, as well as extremely satisfying.

Discover the history and versatility of polenta from Polenta Valsugana at our complimentary tasting and class at Foodiversità, our free "food university" on March 14 at 1 and 6 p.m. with our Education Manager Ryan Gormley.

Foodiversità is located in the scenic northwest corner of the market, overlooking 1 World Trade Center. No registration is necessary; seating is first come, first served.

Buon appetito! 

More information about Italia del Gusto:

Italia del Gusto is a consortium of more than 30 Italian producers who share our value: bring the best of Italy to the world. From pasta to prosciutto to Prosecco, each high-quality product offers a taste of regional Italian tradition. The producers are both small-scale and well-known (who hasn't enjoyed a bowl of Barilla penne?), giving the family-run companies a chance to share their local culinary heritage, artisanal skills, and flavors with new audiences. Read more on Eataly Magazine.

More information about Polenta Valsugana: 

Polenta Valsugana embodies a history and a tradition that stretch back in time. It is a food tradition that refers to the country, to large families gathered around the hearth to share a meal. Originally preparation times were very long and required at least one hour of cooking. Today, Polenta Valsugana can bring the pleasure of a long tradition to the table effortlessly in just a few minutes.