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Italia del Gusto: Craft Your Own Granola at Foodiversità

Italia del Gusto: Craft Your Own Granola at Foodiversità

Granola is wholesome old-fashioned goodness that can be baked up easily at home using integral ingredients at a cook's disposal: olive oil, salt, nutritious nuts and dried fruit. By the handful, spoonful, or bagful, granola serves up a tasty and toothsome treat.

Discover how to craft your own granola at our complimentary class and tasting at Foodiversità, our free food "university" on February 21 at 1 and 6 p.m. with our Education Manager Ryan Gormley utilizing natural ingredients from Italian dried fruit and nut company: Noberasco.

Foodiversità is located in the scenic northwest corner of the market, overlooking 1 World Trade Center. No registration is necessary; seating is first come, first served.

Buon divertimento!

More information about Italia del Gusto:

Italia del Gusto is a consortium of more than 30 Italian producers who share our value: bring the best of Italy to the world. From pasta to prosciutto to Prosecco, each high-quality product offers a taste of regional Italian tradition. The producers are both small-scale and well-known (who hasn't enjoyed a bowl of Barilla penne?), giving the family-run companies a chance to share their local culinary heritage, artisanal skills, and flavors with new audiences. Read more on Eataly Magazine.

More information about Noberasco:

Since 1908 Noberasco has come a long way: its history being made of innovation, commitment and tradition. A long entrepreneurial venture as the result of the work of the Noberasco family and all its generations, who have cultivated a passion for dry fruit for over a century. Their history shows how quality has always been the keyword towards the great success of Noberasco, which is the Italian leader in the dry fruit industry sector.