JUST CHILLED – This Memorial Day, grill (and chill) like an Italian with the best food and drink from Italy. Get your grill on.

Toscana at Eataly NYC Downtown

Toscana at Eataly NYC Downtown

Toscana is celebrated for its rich heritage across the world — and it's easy to see why. After all, this is the region that gave us world-renowned artists and artisans ranging from Dante and da Vinci to pici and Pecorino. Thus inspired, we are dedicating ourselves to Tuscan food and art for the next month! (But let’s be honest: we all know we’re here for the food.)

This spring, get a complete taste of Toscana at Eataly NYC Downtown through Tuscan dishes, artisanal products, and cultural activities. Eat (and drink), shop, and learn about the artists and artisans of Toscana!


For an experience in an authentic Tuscan trattoriajoin us at La Toscana. Starting March 22, Il Pesce will be taken over by a pop-up Tuscan restaurant with completely revamped decor and menus. Join us for Tuscan dishes, drinks, and more: get the delicious details, then book your table!

For a Firenze-style desserts, swing by Lavazza for freshly-baked torta al cioccolato fiorentina (chocolate cake) and cantucci cookies; our pastry counter is offering zuccotto fiorentino (creamy chilled dessert chocolate and candied orange).

Complete your experience with a glass of wine from Frescobaldi, a Tuscan winery with 700 years of history. Enjoy a vintage paired with your meal in our restaurants, or stop by Il Vino to explore the marketplace, glass in hand!



Introduce the artisans of Toscana to your kitchen with our favorite regional products in the market. From Pecorino Toscano to hand-rolled pici pasta, our shelves and aisles are overflowing with authentic flavors straight from Toscana.

Our Eatalian artisans are also following generations-old Tuscan recipes to bring you traditional fresh goods, such as Pane Sciocco. Also called Pane Toscano, this bread is nicknamed "stupid" for its simple nature: it is made entirely without salt. Bring home a tasty loaf today (expert tip: pair with naturally salty Tuscan foods, like prosciutto, pecorino, or seasoned olive oil). =



Discover how to cook like a Tuscan at Foodiversità! This spring, our "food university" is offering a variety of free classes and events that will transport you to Toscana, from hands-on pasta to cantucci flash labs to wine tastings.

Explore the schedule here!

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