It's Cocktail Fest at Eataly NYC Downtown!

It's Cocktail Fest at Eataly NYC Downtown!

Welcome to Cocktail Fest –– Eataly’s first-ever celebration of classic Italian drinks! From August 5 to 21, we’re raising a glass to Italy’s influence on global cocktail culture. Think of it as a two-week vacation to experience the best bars in Milan. And don’t worry –– your Italian will definitely improve after a Spritz or two.

Speaking of which, we partnered with the best bar in Milan (Camparino in Galleria) to bring you three very special cocktails! They’re on the menu at Firenze until August 21st, so come in and try them per carità! After that, you’ll have to travel to Italy to get your hands on them.

By the way, we know this summer is expensive –– so expensive that it honestly makes you want a drink. Luckily, our classic summer cocktails start at $10 each. At that price, you can afford to drink two. Salute!


Visit all three of our restaurants for classic Italian cocktails at retro prices. At Vino &, sip refreshing wine cocktails starting at $10 as you indulge on our housemade focaccine. At La Pizza & La Pasta, enjoy the iconic Italian cocktails you know and love. In Firenze Ristorante Toscano & Bar, discover a new menu of iconic drinks from Camparino in Galleria. Get ready to order another round!

Firenze Ristorante Toscano & Bar Menu
La Pizza & La Pasta Menu
Vino & Menu


Bergamotto Spritz
Italicus Bergamotto, Prosecco, Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic

Basil Blossom Spritz
Ramazzotti Rosato, Prosecco, Basil

Pallini Spritz
Pallini Limoncello, Prosecco, Limonata Fever Tree Lemon Club Soda

Campari, Cinzano 1757 Vermouth di Torino, San Pellegrino Soda

Negroni Bianco
Malfy Gin, Luxardo Bitter Bianco, Vermouth Bianco

Since 1915, Camparino in Galleria has been a destination for cocktail lovers all over the world. Opened by Davide Campari (of the family that invented the eponymous bitter spirit), this Milano institution quickly gained recognition for an innovative tap system that delivered perfectly chilled soda water from the cellar to the bar.

Today, Camparino regularly ranks on San Pellegrino’s list of the 50 best bars in the world and their head bartender Tommaso Cecca is internationally recognized for his inventive twists on the classic aperitivo. For Cocktail Fest, Eataly’s beverage team partnered with Tommaso to serve a limited run of his signature drinks.

Campari Shakerato
The elegance of simplicity, the shaken Campari represents the maximum expression of the aperitif; it's velvety and creamy with a bitter taste.

A light, refreshing aperitivo with herbaceous notes.

A classic negroni with a smoky touch from mezcal and agave syrup. 



We're closing out Cocktail Fest with our Sips & Spritz Wine & Food Festa on Friday, August 26th from 6-8 pm in our marketplace. The classic cocktail is typically bright in color and enjoyed as an aperitivo - a social drink before dinner time often paired with light bites. Join us for a quintessentially Italian night of unlimited Spritz, wines, and bites to pair. Enjoy live music and discover what makes this refreshing cocktail the Italian choice of the summer!

DATE: Friday, August 26
TIME: 6pm-8pm



Watch our experts create iconic cocktails live in our marketplace. Get a taste of everything Cocktail Fest has to offer from Bergamotto Spritz and Americano to Campari Shakerato from the legendary Camaprino bar in Milano. Head over to our restaurants after to get your aperitivo and immerse yourself in Cocktail Fest!

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