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Catering with Eataly New York

Catering with Eataly New York

Planning an early breakfast meeting? Need to order lunch for the team? Want to surprise your friends with a memorable dinner?

We have you covered. Enter: Eataly's Italian catering in New York!

From office meetings to happy hours to multi-course dinners, we are ready to cater any occasion, thanks to our team of passionate and talented chefs, bakers, cheesemongers, and beyond. We'll take care of every last detail, so all you have to do is pick up a fork, raise a glass, and enjoy.

At Eataly, we believe you should only fill your body with the best ingredients available. We never use fillers, preservatives, or high fructose corn syrup products. Our team consists of top-notch cheesemongers, highly-skilled and experienced chefs, and Italy’s most talented bakers and pastry makers. When you cater with Eataly, you are making a choice to use the best! Whether it is an office happy hour or early breakfast meeting, rest assured that your food will arrive beautifully presented – and taste event better.

Eat better, host better.



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Questions? Reach out to our team!
Email: ny-catering@eataly.com
Call: 646.677.8599


You are so close to the best of Eataly delivered to your door! Please place your order at least 48 hours in advance (or 72 hours for orders over 100 guests) and remember to inform our catering staff of any allergens.

To place your order, contact us at 646.677.8599 or ny-catering@eataly.com.

* Please note that terms and conditions may apply