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Tiramisù Festival

Tiramisù Festival

Tiramisù is a delicate medley of rich espresso, creamy mascarpone, and airy ladyfingers, all dusted to perfection in cocoa powder. One taste reminds us why the Italian name means “pick-me-up.”

The iconic dessert hails from northern Italy, though its origins are hazy. Veneto claims that it was invented in Treviso, a romantic city near Venezia; records show tiramisù also has ancient roots in the nearby region of Friuli. Today, nearly every Italian and her nonna believe they have the best version of the beloved dessert.

At Eataly NYC Downtown, we believe that there is no wrong way to make — and eat — tiramisù! From March 6 to 19, we’re celebrating the dolce in our favorite forms for Tiramisù Festival. Join us to taste endless varieties, find the recipe's ingredients, and discover how to recreate it with flash labs. Eat, shop, and learn all about tiramisù!


Stop by the pastry counter to taste five different flavors of single-portion tiramisù, including Veneto's Tiramisù Classico (the traditional take below) and Friuli's Coppa Trieste (sponge cake soaked in marsala and zabaione cream). Choose your regional favorite (we'll be declaring a winer!), or try tiramisù by the spoonful, known as “della Nonna,” either in the classic flavor or with salted peanuts and caramel.

Swing by our gelato counter for a cooler interpretation: a scoop of classic and/or caramel-almond tiramisù gelato .

Finally, for the ultimate pick-me-up, pop by Lavazza for Tiramisù in Tazza, everything you love about the dessert in a drink! To create this decadent beverage, we top our mascarpone cream and meliga cookies (think ladyfingers) with espresso and a sprinkling of cocoa powder. Still want to explore the depths of the dolce? Build your own tiramisù at Lavazza!



After you taste the decadent dessert, make your own! The key to the best tiramisù is the best quality of ingredients. The genius behind ours, Eataly USA Head Pastry Chef Katia Delogu, shared her secret list, including Vicenzovo Ladyfingers by Vicenzi, Cacao di Venchi, Lavazza espresso, and more. Stop by our marketplace to shop our featured collection, recipe included!

In addition to the ready-to-enjoy sweets listed above, our pastry counter offers full-size tiramisù to take home or to your next dinner party. Trust us: you’ll be sure to impress.



The celebrations are culminating on March 19 with Tiramisù Day! Join us at Foodiversità as our expert pastry chefs demonstrate how to make the dolce in free classes throughout the day, then enjoy a taste with 50% off tiramisù at La Gastronomia and the pastry counter!

Then, get our recipe for traditional tiramisù on Eataly Magazine!


Now that you're a tiramisù expert, explore more Venetian flavors throughout our market this month!