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Pronto is the Eataly answer to New York schedules: fine Italian food when you don't have Italian time. Located just past the entrance of Eataly NYC Downtown, our counter offers ready-to-go varieties of the best that Eataly has to offer. In minutes, you can create a full Italian meal with tasty antipasti and sides, satisfying salads, savory panini, housemade desserts, and more.

Grab your food, pay at the self checkouts, and go on your way. Eat better, live better — in a fraction of the time.

Open daily
8 a.m.-9 p.m.



Our menu changes seasonally and we source the freshest ingredients available to us to create our ready-to-go dishes.

All of our panini, or sandwiches, are prepared fresh daily and served on our housemade ciabatta bread.

Meaning "in between" in Italian, a tramezzino is a triangular sandwich made from two slices of soft, sliced bread, with the crusts removed. In Italy, they are a popular snack available at many bars throughout the day. We make our tramezzino fresh daily with fillings like prosciutto, cheese, and salami.

Our insalate, or "salads" take inspiration from both Italian and American cuisine, including several vegetarian and gluten-free options.

Pair your salad or sandwich with one of our housemade sides, like sauteed seasonal vegetables, pasta salad, chips, and more.

Don't forget to pick up something to drink! We offer Italian sparkling and mineral water, as well as all-natural sodas, made with simple ingredients from Italy.