HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! - Kick off summer in style with our special offer on Italy’s best al fresco food and drink. Get the details!


  • La Focacceria

    Every day, our bakers create an abundance of sweet and savory focaccia and pizza alla pala, a thin-crust Roman street food named for the wooden pala, or paddle, on which it is served. Ready to enjoy on the go, these traditional Italian flatbreads are topped with a variety of fresh, seasonal ingredients.  Continue reading

  • La Gastronomia

    Enjoy our regional Italian food on the go at La Gastronomia! Every day, our team transforms seasonal ingredients based on the beloved recipes of our partner chefs, Lidia Bastianich and Mario Batali, from grilled vegetables to freshly-baked lasagna. All prepared dishes among the abundant selection are ready to take home, so you can create the Eataly experience anywhere.

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  • Il Gelato

    At Eataly, we believe that gelato and sorbetto complement any season and any time of day. Every day, our team makes small batches of these frozen treats using only the highest quality ingredients, including whole milk from New York dairies, pistachios from Sicilia, hazelnuts from Piemonte, and choice Venchi chocolates from Torino. Our sweet treat is available to enjoy on the spot or to take home – depending on how much you want to share, of course!

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  • La Pasticceria e Venchi

    At Eataly, our pastry chefs are not only interested in making beautiful pastries every day: our head pastry chef, Luca Montersino, has devoted his career to raising awareness of the benefits of eating healthy, natural foods. Complemented by a selection of Venchi's fine Italian chocolates, all of Eataly's wholesome dolci are made in-house daily using the freshest seasonal ingredients.

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  • La Piadina

    A popular Italian street food, piadina is a grilled flatbread wrapped around a selection of greens, meats, cheese, or sweets. At La Piadina, our menu is inspired by the family recipes of brothers Mirko and Alessandro Maioli, who are fourth-generation experts from Emilia-Romagna. Watch your traditional piadina made to order at our counter, which evokes the iconic blue-and-white-striped beach tents in the coastal towns of the Fratelli Maioli’s home region.

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  • La Rosticceria

    The ultimate destination for meat lovers, La Rosticceria features a selection of housemade antipasti, panini, and roasted meats. We have become famous for our succulent and juicy prime rib sandwich, which is made simply with 100% Black Angus Beef from Donley Ranch in Kansas, extra virgin olive oil, and housemade porcini rub. Our slow-roasted chickens are raised on three independent family farms in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where they are fed a strict diet of corn, soy vitamins, and minerals. They are free to roam, and no cages are ever used. Finally, complement your meal with our housemade antipasti, which include cannellini beans, braised escarole, marinated olives, and roasted rosemary potatoes. Continue reading

  • Juice Bar

    At Juice Bar, choose from a colorful variety of freshly-pressed juices and smoothies. Bursting with flavor, each nutritious drink is made with an abundance of the freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables, carefully sourced from sustainable regional farms and designed by Eataly USA Executive Chef Alex Pilas.

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