The Color Factory x Eataly Experience

The Color Factory x Eataly Experience

A vibrant sensory experience has landed in downtown NYC – La Pizza & La Pasta A Colori! Created in collaboration with Color Factory, this immersive experience brings together the world of food and the world of color for our New York community.


Inspired by the sunrises of Torino, where Eataly was founded, and New York City, visual artist HOTTEA has created a sweeping installation of multicolored yarn to capture the palettes of dawn in two cities close to Eataly’s heart. Under this kaleidoscopic canopy, you'll get to explore the world of color in food and drink, from the rich golden hue of farm-fresh eggs to the inky black hues of squid ink, the bright green of fresh spring peas, and beyond. Ready to feast your eyes?


To bring the space to life, Color Factory and Eataly collaborated with visual artist HOTTEA, who works primarily with yarn, aerosol spray, and stencils. Through his large-scale works, HOTTEA focuses on themes of interconnected relationships and how individual elements can become more than the sum of their parts. This approach is on full display in his latest installation for Color Factory X Eataly, Somewhere Out There.

Eataly and Color Factory restaurant installation

“When I was approached by Color Factory to do an installation for Eataly with the theme of sunrises in Torino and New York City, I immediately thought of the light phenomenon known as ‘atmospheric refraction,’” says HOTTEA. “This installation is a celebration of finding our loved ones again, knowing this whole time we have been under the same great sky - experiencing the same sunrises and sunsets - even while we remain apart. Though the light may shine differently throughout the world, we are all connected by love, light, and the same great sky.”


Inspired by Color Factory's passion for color and our expertise in the world of food, Eataly's chefs have crafted a colorful new menu designed around colors found naturally in high-quality ingredients, carefully selected to highlight the rich hues of Italy’s cuisine. Named for their principle palettes, each dish dives deep into the way seasonality, aging, sourcing and production affects the appearance of food. Think: an artist's palette of cheeses, a showstopping black risotto made with squid ink, and a bright green Neapolitan pizza that makes the most of the season's produce.

Colorful Cocktails from Eataly NYC Downtown Color Factory Restaurant

Then sip a full spectrum of color with a vibrant cocktail menu that ranges from green to gold to blue, inspired by hues found in nature and infused with both Italian and American spirits, or two wine flights that show the variations in color palette found in Italian vino.

Cheese board from Eataly NYC Downtown Color Factory menu


Don't miss your chance to feast on the world of color and food – book your table to experience the world of Italian food and drink in living color, and see the colors of the world for the first time again.