JUST CHILLED – This Memorial Day, grill (and chill) like an Italian with the best food and drink from Italy. Get your grill on.

Cicchetti Bar

Cicchetti Bar

Toast the magical city of Venezia with a typical Venetian aperitivo at Eataly NYC Downtown's pop-up Cicchetti Bar!

Cicchetti are small plates often enjoyed with sparkling drinks as a pre-dinner aperitivo — a well-loved ritual in Venezia. As the Italians say, "L'appetito vien mangiando," or "Your appetite comes by eating." Accordingly, friends and family meet before to enjoy drinks and bites in their local piazza before moving on to the main meal.

Our Cicchetti Bar features typical Venetian ingredients atop our housemade pizza dough, from Radicchio e Campari (Campari-braised radicchio and Asiago cheese) to Gamberetti (seared shrimp and piquillo peppers). In true Venetian fashion, you can pair your cicchetti with sparkling cocktails and wines, including Venetian Spritz, Bellini, and more.

From start to finish, the special menu promises to transport you directly to Piazza San Marco, the iconic square in the heart of Venezia known for its sweeping marble columns, surrounding palaces, and winged lion (a symbol of San Marco and the city itself).

Taking over Il Vino, right at the entrance of Eataly, Cicchetti Bar is open every day from 5 to 10 p.m. Stop by for your Venetian aperitivo!


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