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A Taste of Cioccolato

A Taste of Cioccolato

Chocolate lovers, rejoice! On Saturday, February 9, 2019 from 12-5 p.m. we're hosting an epic chocolate event at Eataly NYC Downtown featuring tastings, live demonstrations, our best chocolate producers, and wines by the glass to pair.

Yes, chocolate dreams do come true.

Join us for A Taste of Cioccolato at Eataly NYC Downtown! We've invited some of our finest chocolatiers to showcase and let you taste their decadent creations. Meet the producers themselves, learn how chocolate is made (include the famous Baci Perugina!), and indulge in a variety of cioccolato throughout our marketplace.

While you tour the various chocolate stations throughout our marketplace, grab a glass an Italian wine from our wine cart. Why? Because no Italian festival is complete without vino!

No need to register for this event advance – simply stop by Eataly NYC Downtown from 12 to 5 p.m. to get a taste!

Ti aspettiamo!



At Eataly, we love chocolate (who doesn't!?). Using the finest raw ingredients, our artisanal chocolatiers in Italy and the U.S. create a variety of shapes and textures according to traditional recipes that continue to enthrall us today. From smooth spreads to crunchy bars to elegant cigars, discover the versatility of chocolate throughout our marketplace!


Caffarel is one of Italy's most historical chocolate companies, founded by Pier Paul Caffarel in 1826 on the edge of Torino in the northern Italian region of Piemonte. It is their meticulous attention to detail and extraordinary creativity that continually allows Caffarel products to be present at the best chocolate shops in Italy and across the globe.

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Almost 100 years ago, Luisa Spagnoli invented the perfect little chocolates with messages of love hidden inside for her secret lover, Giovanni Buitoni. The little chocolates were fittingly named Baci, Italian for "kisses." The Bacio Perugina is still considered the praline of lovers, made with dark chocolate, gianduja or chocolate hazelnut cream, and hazelnuts. Today, like long ago, each loving phrase is different, like the shape of each Bacio.

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In 1878, Silvano Venchi developed the same recipes for artisanal chocolates that his company continues to use today. He aimed to create an extraordinary experience using only the finest natural ingredients, such as criollo cocoa (the world's rarest and most expensive cocoa), natural vanilla, and the famous Piemontese IGP hazelnut. As a result, their facility earned the rare distinction of “atelier of confectionery art.”

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