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Pretzels by Bronx Baking Co.

Pretzels by Bronx Baking Co.

As part of our dedication to bread, Eataly NYC Downtown highlights a different world bread each month. This February, nodding to our sibling store in Munich, we are partnering with Bronx Baking Co. to introduce you to authentic German-style soft pretzels.

From February 1 to 28, enjoy Bronx Baking Co.'s pretzels at Eataly with all-new dishes, bakery specials, and cooking demonstrations. Eat, shop, and learn!


Every day, we receive a freshly-baked selection of soft pretzels from Bronx Baking Co., where the bakers follow German traditions and roll all pretzels by hand. The resulting twists and rolls have a lightly crunchy crust that gives way to perfectly chewy bites.

Our chefs put their heads together with the Bronx Baking Co. team to create special dishes at our own counters.

Caffè Lavazza | 7 a.m.-12 p.m.
Wake up with flair by enjoying a freshly-baked pretzel roll with mortadella and mustard for breakfast.

Il Vino | 5-10 p.m.
Enjoy a German snack with your Italian wine with a selection of salted pretzel twists served with A. Bauer's mustard.

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After tasting our special dishes, bring the German-style soft pretzels home with you! Throughout the month, our bakery will be stocked with pretzel twists, topped with classic salt or "everything" (a delicious blend of rosemary, onion, garlic, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and salt).

Enjoy the savory snacks on their own,  or pair them with suggested mustards, cheeses, beers, and more.



Discover the different doughs and techniques to baking German-style soft pretzels at Foodiversità, our free “food university.” In each class, Alexis Faraci, owner of Bronx Baking Co. will demonstrate how to mix and shape the pretzel dough, share stories of the German culinary tradition, and offer complimentary tastes.

Stay tuned for the dates of the free classes!

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Buon appetito!