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Warm Up with Brodo

Warm Up with Brodo

As temperatures drop, swing by La Gastronomia for a steaming cup of bone broth from our pop-up counter hosted by Brodo.

...yes, we want you to drink bone broth! Once you taste the nutrient-rich, deeply flavored stock, you'll get it.

Launched by Chef Marco Canora out of the kitchen window of his landmark restaurant Hearth, located in New York’s East Village, Brodo started serving hot cups of bone broth in the fall of 2014. Since the beginning, the shop has been dedicated to using only the highest quality ingredients: bones from organically raised, grass-fed animals; fresh organic vegetables; and whole, fresh herbs and spices. The team then simmers the broth for about 18 hours, one batch at a time, to ensure maximum flavor and nutrient density in every cup. There are never preservatives added; each batch is served fresh.

“Good broth, like most things, is not complicated,” the broth shop team reminds us. “It just takes time and care.”

At Eataly, we connect with Brodo’s simple philosophy. Broth-based dishes are Italian staples, from risotto to stew. As nonna always taught us, after making any meat dish, we toss the bones into a broth. The benefit of this old-school style is three-fold: deep flavors, a plethora of nutrients, and zero waste in the kitchen. Cucina povera, the no-waste “poor cooking” tradition from rural Italy, calls for us to use the entire animal. Down to the bones.

At Eataly NYC Downtown, we have a special Brodo menu at our pop-up counter. Order a cup of classic beef broth or hearth broth (their signature stock!), or opt for specials with enriching herbs, butter, or even Parmigiano Reggiano. Get a taste at La Gastronomia!