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Meet Your Meat

Meet Your Meat

This August, join us every Thursday for a weekly series at the butcher counter. From 4 to 6 p.m., we feature special cuts from different producers. Enjoy complimentary tastings and conversations with our butchers as you try before you buy — plus, a beer on the house!

For every pound of the featured cut you purchase, you'll receive a bottle of Peroni, compliments of your friendly neighborhood butcher!


Napoletano sausage and pork chops

As its name implies, Arcadian Pastures is an idyllic farm located in upstate New York. The family-run company operates with the belief that animals raised outdoors, free to roam high-quality pastures, with no antibiotics or added hormones, and treated with respect will produce the most nutritionally-dense and best-tasting meats.

See our butchers break down a whole pig from Arcadian Pastures, then enjoy complimentary tastes of our chef's prepared pork loin. Then, bring home their sausage and pork chops!


Housemade sausages, burgers, and marinated sides

Every day, our own expert butchers break down animals and prepare them with herbs, all-natural casings, and more. Get a glimpse behind the counter as our butchers prepare sausages and burgers paired with our other chefs' marinated sides.

Then, bring home a taste of Eataly with you!


Prime cuts of beef before your eyes

For more than 20 years, National Beef has sourced world-class cattle from ranches across the U.S.

Watch our butchers break down an entire half side of their prime beef, then highlight the various cuts that we always feature at the counter for you to take home. As you discover their tips and tricks, you can purchase your prime cut as it's being sliced.

Once you get your prime meat, hit the grill. Check out our guide to the best steak and beyond!