PASTA CHALLENGE – 3 weeks, 3 recipes, and all the ingredients to become a pasta expert. STOCK YOUR PANTRY.

NYC Downtown Stories

  • Bread Baking 101

    In Italy, baking and breaking bread is an ancient art. Learn how to transform flour, water, and yeast into a precious loaf that can sustain life at Foodiversità, our free "food university."

    Join us on Tuesday, September 13, at 6 p.m., as Eataly USA Head Baker Erin Flinn demonstrates how to make pane to bring home and share with the family.   Continue reading

  • Italian Culture & Language

    Vuoi parlare italiano? Learn to speak Italian from a native speaker at Foodiversità, our free "food university."

    Every day at 1 p.m., our friendly Italian instructor will teach you how to ask for directions, order at a restaurant, pronounce our Eatalian dishes, or start a general conversation all’italiana.   Continue reading

  • Hands-On Pasta Workshop

    Try your hand at making fresh pasta in our hands-on workshop at Foodiversità, our free "food university."

    Every day at noon, our experts will guide you step by step through the pasta-making process, from making fresh egg dough to forming your favorite shapes. Before you leave, ask about the best regional recipes for each unique shape!

    Can't make class? Check out our recipe for fresh egg pasta dough on Eataly Magazine!

  • Dedicated to Bread

    Discover why we have dedicated Eataly NYC Downtown to bread, that shared, simple food created by civilizations across the world.
  • A Guide to Downtown

    Before visiting our bustling marketplace, navigate Eataly NYC Downtown with our guide! Eat, shop, and learn.
  • Breakfast Is Served

    Start your day on the right foot with our array of breakfast menus, whether you're on the go or want to settle in (with a view!).
  • Watch and Learn (and Taste!)

    Education is a key element of our philosophy, so we choose to make our fresh products right before your eyes!

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