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  • It's Cocktail Fest at Eataly NYC Downtown!

    Welcome to Cocktail Fest –– Eataly’s first-ever celebration of classic Italian drinks! From August 5 to 21, we’re raising a glass to Italy’s influence on global cocktail culture. Think of it as a two-week vacation to experience the best bars in Milan. And don’t worry –– your Italian will definitely improve after a Spritz or two.

    Speaking of which, we partnered with the best bar in Milan (Camparino in Galleria) to bring you three very special cocktails! They’re on the menu at Firenze until August 21st, so come in and try them per carità! After that, you’ll have to travel to Italy to get your hands on them.

    By the way, we know this summer is expensive –– so expensive that it honestly makes you want a drink. Luckily, our classic summer cocktails start at $10 each. At that price, you can afford to drink two. Salute!


    Visit all three of our restaurants for classic Italian cocktails at retro prices. At Vino &, sip refreshing wine cocktails starting at $10 as you indulge on our housemade focaccine. At La Pizza & La Pasta, enjoy the iconic Italian cocktails you know and love. In Firenze Ristorante Toscano & Bar, discover a new menu of iconic drinks from Camparino in Galleria. Get ready to order another round!

    Firenze Ristorante Toscano & Bar Menu
    La Pizza & La Pasta Menu
    Vino & Menu


    Bergamotto Spritz
    Italicus Bergamotto, Prosecco, Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic

    Basil Blossom Spritz
    Ramazzotti Rosato, Prosecco, Basil

    Pallini Spritz
    Pallini Limoncello, Prosecco, Limonata Fever Tree Lemon Club Soda

    Campari, Cinzano 1757 Vermouth di Torino, San Pellegrino Soda

    Negroni Bianco
    Malfy Gin, Luxardo Bitter Bianco, Vermouth Bianco

    Since 1915, Camparino in Galleria has been a destination for cocktail lovers all over the world. Opened by Davide Campari (of the family that invented the eponymous bitter spirit), this Milano institution quickly gained recognition for an innovative tap system that delivered perfectly chilled soda water from the cellar to the bar.

    Today, Camparino regularly ranks on San Pellegrino’s list of the 50 best bars in the world and their head bartender Tommaso Cecca is internationally recognized for his inventive twists on the classic aperitivo. For Cocktail Fest, Eataly’s beverage team partnered with Tommaso to serve a limited run of his signature drinks.

    Campari Shakerato
    The elegance of simplicity, the shaken Campari represents the maximum expression of the aperitif; it's velvety and creamy with a bitter taste.

    A light, refreshing aperitivo with herbaceous notes.

    A classic negroni with a smoky touch from mezcal and agave syrup. 



    We're closing out Cocktail Fest with our Sips & Spritz Wine & Food Festa on Friday, August 26th from 6-8 pm in our marketplace. The classic cocktail is typically bright in color and enjoyed as an aperitivo - a social drink before dinner time often paired with light bites. Join us for a quintessentially Italian night of unlimited Spritz, wines, and bites to pair. Enjoy live music and discover what makes this refreshing cocktail the Italian choice of the summer!

    DATE: Friday, August 26
    TIME: 6pm-8pm
    EARLY BIRD: $65



    Watch our experts create iconic cocktails live in our marketplace. Get a taste of everything Cocktail Fest has to offer from Bergamotto Spritz and Americano to Campari Shakerato from the legendary Camaprino bar in Milano. Head over to our restaurants after to get your aperitivo and immerse yourself in Cocktail Fest!

    Every Friday

  • Celebrate Prosciutto at Eataly NYC Downtown

    When it comes to summer dining, there's one ingredient that's the star of any Italian table – salty, savory slices of prosciutto crudo. And if that whets your appetite, you're in luck.

    From August 8-21, join us in celebrating the impossibly-thin, delicately sweet, melt-in-your-mouth Italian salumi – but first...

    5 DOP prosciutto Eataly

    Eataly carries the largest selection of prosciutto in North America, showcasing 11 varieties from regions throughout Italy. They may look similar at first glance, but each one has a distinct flavor profile based on terroir, production method, and age. Pork, air, salt, and time are the four essential ingredients to making each DOP prosciutto unique.

    Eataly is proud to carry five DOP prosciutti from different regions: Prosciutto di Parma DOPProsciutto di San Daniele DOP, Prosciutto di Modena DOPProsciutto Toscano DOP, and Prosciutto di Carpegna DOP. Their DOP designation guarantees that each product is made according to a specific, authentic, and regional production method (refresh your Italian certification expertise here).

    taste and place prosciutto eataly

    The longer prosciutto is aged, the more complex it will taste, which makes for an interesting taste comparison. Younger prosciutti, between 14–18 months, are great for panini and pasta dishes, while a more advanced age, up to 36 months, can be savored on its own or with a cheese and wine pairing.

    free housemade mozzarella grande

    The best way to enjoy prosciutto? By pairing it to your liking! Delicious on its own, prosciutto is perfect da sola, but perfectly paired with creamy cheese like fresh mozzarella. From August 8-21, mix and match two trays of select prosciutto, and get a free housemade mozzarella grande, while supplies last. Every day, our team makes fresh mozzarella by hand right in front of our guests – discover the age-old process at our mozzarella lab!

    PICK YOUR PROSCIUTTO! MIX & MATCH THESE TRAYS → Prosciutto di Parma DOP 22 month from Ferrarini; Prosciutto di Parma DOP 24 month from Tanara; Prosciutto di San Daniele DOP 24 month from DOK Dall'Ava; Prosciutto di Modena DOP from Vitali; Prosciutto Toscano DOP from Piacenti, and Prosciutto di Carpegna DOP from Beretta.

    Recipe Prosciutto e Melone

    Prosciutto e melone is a no-cooking-required, two-ingredient, throw-together kind of meal. Simply slice a cantaloupe or another variety of sweet melon into eight long slices, removing the seeds and carefully carving the rind off of each slice with a paring knife.

    Next, take 8-10 paper-thin slices of prosciutto crudo DOP and wrap each wedge of melon in 1-2 slices of prosciutto, leaving the ends of the melon slices showing.

    That’s it! Serve immediately, or keep in the fridge until ready to serve. Our extra tip? Try not to serve this dish too cold. Allowing the fat of the prosciutto to warm up will bring out the nuances in its flavor.

    Still hungry for knowledge about prosciutto? Check out our full guide to prosciutto on Eataly Magazine, and how to perfectly pair prosciutto and wine.

    Ti aspettiamo!

  • Restaurant Week at Eataly NYC Downtown

    Celebrate the 30th anniversary of NYC Restaurant Week at Eataly NYC Downtown! For 30 years, New York City’s Restaurant Week celebrates hundreds of the city's best restaurants and top chefs with special prix-fixe menus for a limited time at affordable prices. From July 18th to July 31st, enjoy our special prix-fixe Restaurant Week menu at all our restaurants starting at $30!
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  • Weekends at Eataly NYC Downtown

    Discover the best of the holiday season every weekend at Eataly NYC Downtown.
  • Stone Fruit Festa at Eataly NYC Downtown

    It's summertime, amici, and with the arrival of warmer weather comes some of our favorite seasonal produce – stone fruit!

    Join us from July 11-24 for Stone Fruit Festa at Eataly! We'll be highlighting all of this season's most delectable stone fruit: from yellow and white peaches and nectarines to plums, apricots, cherries, and more! Whether you’re piling them atop a sweet panna cotta or throwing them on the grill to pair with a dollop of mascarpone, sink your teeth into this season’s best.



    If you think grilling ends after the main meal, think again. Grilled fruit, especially stone fruits – like peaches, apricots, and nectarines – makes for a decadent post-cookout dessert that can be served on its own or dressed up with gelato or fresh cheese. And it couldn't be easier!

    To prepare, simply halve and pit each stone fruit (don’t peel!), and season with a light sprinkling of sea salt to accent the flavor. Heat your grill to medium-low and place each peach half on the grill. Cover and cook the peaches until they have lightly charred and softened, about 4 to 5 minutes per side. Serve warm with a scoop of lemon sorbetto, fior di latte gelato, or fresh mozzarella. Drizzle with high-quality balsamic vinegar for added decadence just before serving.

    For a creative twist on the classic caprese, try a salad with grilled peaches, arugula, and mozzarella – the perfect way to celebrate summer's bounty.

    Check out More Creative Summer Grilling Ideas!





    1. A cherry tree can be harvested in seven seconds.

    2. Astronauts ate apricots on the Apollo mission to the moon.

    3. Peach trees produce fruit for about 12 years.

    4. Apricots are members of the rose family.

    5. Plums are grown on every continent except Antarctica.


    Hungry to learn more about stone fruit? Come into our marketplace to speak with our experts, and take some home to enjoy during their peak seasonality.


  • Celebrate The Seasons With Eataly

    Mark your calendars, amici! We're looking ahead with our Summer festivities so let’s celebrate together…Eataly style.
  • Dry Aged Weekend at Eataly NYC Downtown

    Ready to get your grill on? For one weekend only, we're offering 50% off select dry-aged cuts, just in time for Father’s Day. Sourced from Creekstone Farms’ herd of premium Black Angus cattle, our dry-aged beef boasts complex, deeply savory flavor and a uniquely tender flavor. Offer is available June 17-19 while supplies last!


    Prime Rib-Eye $45.90/lb $22.95/lb

    Prime NY Strip $42.90/lb $21.45/lb

    Prime Porterhouse $43.90/lb $21.95/lb

    Head to the butcher counter at Eataly Downtown from June 17-19, and snag huge savings on select Creekstone Farms' cuts while supplies last. 

    Aged T-Bone Steak


    Dry aging is the process of allowing large cuts of meat to rest in a controlled, open-air environment for an extended period of time. This allows enzymes in the meat to break down the proteins and concentrate the flavors, resulting in tender meat with a rich and complex flavor that is unique to dry-aged beef. Because of this, dry-aged beef is best prepared with simple ingredients that highlight the rich and complex flavors.

    “I love dry-aged beef best when grilled and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and sea salt,” Eataly USA Head Butcher Peter Molinari said. The flavors of the meat are already so profound that that’s really all you need.”


    Dry-aged beef is extremely tender and has a unique, complex of flavor. Many describe the taste as nutty and aromatic. Since the meat loses water during the dry-aging process the “beef” taste is much more concentrated. The longer a piece of beef has been dry-aged, the more flavorful and tender it will be.


    Learn to grill like a professional with a grilling guide sourced from Eataly’s very own butchers and chefs here.

    Curious to learn more? Check out our ultimate guide to Dry-Aged Beef (and check out our butcher's tips to become a grill master), then mark your calendars for Dry-Aged weekend.

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