EATALY'S 10TH ANNIVERSARY! - This month, celebrate our 10th anniversary in the world with special offers and festivities. Learn more.

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  • Win a Trip to Italy

    We've always said that a trip to Eataly opens the door to Italy. Well, the next time you visit Eataly, you could actually win a trip to Italy! Discover our anniversary contest.
  • The Story of Eataly

    This January, Eataly is celebrating our 10th anniversary in the world. Discover our story, then join us for special offers and dedicated tastings and events!
  • Eating from Root to Shoot

    Start the new year on a wholesome note with our simple zero-waste guide to eating the entire fruit or vegetable, from root to shoot.
  • Top 10 Iconic Products

    To thank you for the 10 years of support in the world, we've rounded up the 10 products that have been with Eataly since day one: January 27, 2007.
  • Top 10 Things to Do at Eataly

    Celebrate 10 years of Eataly with the top 10 things to do in our restaurants, market, and beyond.
  • Top 10 Fun Facts about Eataly

    From the original name to the most popular dish, check out the top 10 facts about Eataly. How many do you already know?
  • Sale Recipe: Olive Oil Cakes

    In celebration of our 10th anniversary, bake these simple, flavorful cakes for $10 for the main ingredient! This month, our highest quality olive oils are 50% off.
  • Sale Recipe: Penne al Pesto

    From January 16 to 22, make a satisfying four-serving recipe of pesto pasta for under $10 in celebration of our 10th anniversary!
  • Sale Recipe: Salame di Cioccolato

    A real crowd pleaser, this chocolate salami can be yours for under $10 in celebration of our 10th anniversary, when select chocolate and cookies are 50% off.
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