MangiAmi: The Eataly App to Better Pleasure

MangiAmi: The Eataly App to Better Pleasure

"There are two acts that propagate the species. If we didn't find pleasure in eating and loving, we would already be extinct."

Life is too short to waste time with people who don't share your passions! Enter: MangiAmi, the dating app "Made in Eataly" that, with the help of the researchers in the faculty of the Advanced Foods of the University of Sexton in Arizona, matches you with your soulmate.

Upload some photos of you with the food that you love (don't be shy!), and our algorithm will find your perfect partner(s).


What and how you eat reveals who you are, what you're made of, and how you see life. Imagine — what if you fell in love with someone who likes a good pig roast, but you had assumed that she was a vegetarian? Or think: you have always enjoyed a nice candlelit dinner, only to discover that your partner eats with his hands. What would happen if your lover wanted to spend afternoons reading wine labels to understand the secrets of il vino, while you are a lifelong teetotaler?

MangiAmi is here to make your life easier. Ready to start the hunt? Thanks to Eataly's new app, some couples have already found each other!


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