Celebrate White Truffles at Eataly LA

Celebrate White Truffles at Eataly LA

Get ready to unearth one of Italy's most prized ingredients — fresh white truffles are back in season! White truffle season began in Italy on September 21st, which means the prized tubers have arrived at Eataly. Famously foraged in Italy’s Piemonte region, where Eataly was founded, white truffles remind us to slow down and celebrate gifts from nature. Eating them is always a special occasion — particularly because the season is brief and unpredictable. Our only choice is to uncork a bottle of Barolo and savor them while we can.

This Fall, treat yourself to this prized tuber with truffle-forward dishes in our restaurants, market offers, and more at Eataly LA.



The tartufo bianco is a particularly treasured variety thanks to its golden color, pungent aroma and delicate, earthy flavor. It's no wonder that Italians call this ingredient the "diamond of the kitchen."

Now through January 1, 2023, stop by our Urbani pop-up in front of the Made in Eataly to get fresh truffles! Discover our guide to storing fresh truffles so you can enjoy them all season long.

Want to keep truffles on hand in your pantry too? From authentic truffle oil to truffle sauces, spreads, and more, Urbani offers a vast selection of truffle products for every palate. Shop in-store or get grocery delivery to join the hunt!

white truffles at Eataly


Rather take the night off and treat yourself this season? Let our chefs take the lead. Get a fresh shave at any of our restaurants for a special price. Enjoy these seasonal dishes and more at our restaurants!


Fresh pasta with truffles and barolo at Eataly


It's no secret that Barolo and truffles make a perfect pair. After you've dined in our restaurants, picked up your fresh truffles and pasta pairings, head over to our wine shop to discover the "King of Wines and Wine of Kings."

Barolo is made with 100% Nebbiolo grapes, a prized variety grown in certified areas in the northern region of Piemonte. Across the world, the complex red wine is renowned for its bold flavors and graceful aging. Discover specially priced bottles in our wine shop, special Barolo menus, and more this fall!

Curious to learn more about where our truffles come from? Discover the story of Urbani, the world's most esteemed distributor of Italian truffles.