Agave In Color at Terra

Agave In Color at Terra

Say "arrivederci" to your typical brunch cocktails, and say "hola" to vibrant agave cocktails expressed through color. This summer, at our rooftop restaurant Terra, we've partnered with The Craft Spirits Cooperative and El Pintor to host Agave In Color, a new pop-up bar during every Saturday brunch (10:30am to 3:00pm) starting July 2 through September 3.

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Nothing says summer like rooftop brunch and refreshing cocktails! Experience the vibrant flavors of Italy and Mexico blended together through colorful, hand-crafted cocktails. Featuring the agave spirits of El Pintor, meaning "The Painter", choose from a menu of four exclusive tequila and mezcal cocktails to truly taste a work of art.

Both Italy and Mexico are a mecca of art, and each Agave In Color cocktail is inspired by a famous painting. Can you discover the similarities? One sip and you will discover the fresh, bright pop of agave flavor paired with earthy Italian elements for your new favorite cocktail of the summer.

Reservations for brunch can be made on Opentable, and the menu will be available for all parties. No ticket required.


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Agave is a species of plant native to the Americas, most commonly found in Mexico, that thrives in hot conditions and mineral-rich soils. The sap from the agave plant can be fermented and turned into a spirit, which is then distilled and made into mezcal and tequila.

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The Craft Spirits Cooperative represents a curated portfolio of artisanal spirits from around the world. A collaboration of innovators & educators, they partner with top culinary restaurants, cocktail bars, and destination bottle shops who share a commitment to quality to ensure a truth you can taste.


El Pintor Tequilas and Mezcal blend craft and luxury, art and science, traditional and innovative production methods.El Pintor invokes the dynamic culture of Mexico today: a culture exploding with art and contemporary design but distinctly rooted in a complex history.

Photography by: @thedrinkisinthedetail & @SipsbySmyth


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