Quick Italian Lunch Festa at Eataly L.A.

Quick Italian Lunch Festa at Eataly L.A.

From October 14 to 25, we are celebrating all our favorite lunch options with specially priced deals during Quick Italian Lunch Festa. No matter how much time you have, make the most of your weekday pranzo!

Quick Italian Lunch Fest

Get a taste of Italy midday with Quick Italian Lunch Festa! Every Monday through Friday for two weeks, we are offering specials at our traditional Panini Counter, seasonal Salad Bar, Roman-style Pizza Alla Pala, housemade pasta bar La Pasta Fresca, and staple restaurant La Pizza & La Pasta. Be the envy of all your coworkers with this quick, quality pranzo!


Whether you are looking for a casual dine-in or quick take away, our variety of lunch offerings ensure that you can have a different Italian pranzo every day of the week. Choose from:

$5 Slices at Pizza Alla Pala: Made fresh daily by our bakers, Roman-style, this traditional flatbread is topped with a variety of cured meats, cheeses, and fresh seasonal produce sourced from local farms.

$9 Panini at I Panini: Our sandwich counter serves a selection of traditional Italian panini made with high-quality local and Italian meats, cheeses, and fresh produce.

$9 Salads at Salad Bar: Featuring a variety of seasonal ingredients and fresh toppings, our salad bar invites you to combine authentic Italian and local flavors.

$9 Dishes at La Pasta Fresca: The newest addition to our grab-and-go counters our housemade pasta bar offers regional Italian recipes with pasta made right here in our very own marketplace.

$15 at La Pizza & La Pasta: At our staple Italian restaurant, you can choose two authentic courses, Prima (appetizer) and Pizza & Pasta (choice of one), for a high-quality meal in just 30 minutes! 

Quick Italian Lunch Fest


Although you may not have much time for your pausa pranzo, our range of eateries can satisfy any craving in just 30 minutes. While your experience is quick and simple, we craft each panino, salad, pizza, and pasta dish with care! From freshly baked bread and handcrafted pasta shapes, to seasonal produce and authentic Italian meats and cheese, we use only the highest quality ingredients for your midday meal.

Quick Italian Lunch


Did you know regional Italian vino is available at all our Eataly counter? Yes, every single one! Pair your lunch with a glass of wine - rosso or bianco - of your choice. During Quick Italian Lunch Festa, enjoy $5 glasses of wine at our take-away counters (Panini, Pizza Alla Pala, Salad Bar, and La Pasta Fresca).



Craving something sweet after lunch? Enjoy $3 Canolo and $1 Pasticcini at our pastry counters. From classic tiramisu to seasonal fruit tarts, all our offerings are made in house daily by our expert pastry chefs.

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If you are in need of a caffeine kick post-pranzo, visit Caffè Vergnano or Caffè Lavazza for $1 espresso. We encourage you to sip it al banco, or at the bar, with friends and co-workers, just like the Italians do!

Need a satisfying pick me up? At Caffè Lavazzawhen you purchase any cornetto, enjoy a complimentary drip coffee or espresso.

Ti aspettiamo! See you there!