PASTA CHALLENGE – 3 weeks, 3 recipes, and all the ingredients to become a pasta expert. STOCK YOUR PANTRY.

Take our 3-Week Pasta Challenge

Take our 3-Week Pasta Challenge

Do you know how to tell when your pasta is cooked al dente? Do you know how to pair pasta with the perfect sauce? All of your pasta questions are about to be answered, amici.

Through March 8, we're inviting you to take our three-week pasta challenge as we explore different regional traditions and techniques for cooking pasta. Every week, we’ll walk you through two recipes – one with dry pasta and one with fresh – so you can master any dish that comes your way. Plus, this week you can pick up our housemade sauces and brown butter for 30% off when you buy one pound of select fresh pasta. Prepare your pentole (pasta pots) and grab a favorite apron, amici!


Week 1: check! We formed your pasta making foundation with two essential recipes in the pasta pantheon. Missed the boat? Catch up and make the recipes or scroll to move onto our Week 2 lessons. Be sure to share your recipes with us on social media using #EatalyPastaChallenge and tagging us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter!

Lesson 1: Lo Spaghetto al Pomodoro
Lesson 2: Lasagne alla Bolognese


Take your pasta skills to the next level this week with a deep dive into pasta all’uovo (egg pasta). Whether fresh or dry, you’ll see why the silky, rich egg pasta is a crowd favorite.

Person eating agnolotti del plin stuffed pasta


There’s something about fresh filled pasta that makes the average meal feel like an extra treat. Try your hand at fresh pasta with a Piemontese classic: agnolotti del plin. When served in a simple butter sauce, these meat-filled pillows are equally at home as a comforting weeknight meal as they are as a showstopping dish for a special occasion. Get our recipe for agnolotti del plin and get 30% off compound butter this week when you buy a pound or more

Not in the mood for stuffed pasta this week? Check out more select pasta fresca shapes and get 30% off our housemade sauces when you buy one pound or more, and find more dinner ideas on Eataly magazine.


Fresh pasta cooks much more quickly than dry pasta, and you can tell it is finished roughly when the pasta floats to the top of the pot (anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple minutes for most shapes – the thinner and smaller the shape, the more quickly it will cook). Use a slotted spoon to remove the pasta from the pot, especially if delicate!

Black truffle pasta


Pasta all’uovo, or egg pasta, is most commonly found in Northern Italy, where grano tenero (soft wheat) grows. Eggs pair perfectly with the soft wheat flour, which needs the additional proteins to help it stick together as dough. Egg pasta is naturally rich in flavor and silky in texture, which is why it pairs well with the aromatic flavors of earthy tartufo. Pick up a package of high-quality pasta all’uovo and pair with your favorite Urbani truffle sauce for a quick and easy dinner. Get our recipe for tagliatelle al tartufo to see how to make it! 


Four words to live by: salt your pasta water. Pasta absorbs the salt of the water as it cooks – a key element to the overall flavor of your final dish. The best proportion is roughly 4 tablespoons for 6 quarts of water (so your cooking water will actually taste a bit salty). When your pasta water is boiling, add a handful of coarse sea salt to the pot of boiling water, then wait for the water to boil again before adding your pasta.

Person making fresh pasta dough


Want to take your love for pasta to the next level? Seize the day (and the rolling pin) and get hands-on with our pasta making classesrecipes, and how-to guides.


Build up your cooking confidence and learn how to make fresh pasta dough with our chefs at one of our pasta labs. Check the calendar for our fresh pasta workshops in La Scuola, and sign up for a class to become a pasta-making pro. You'll learn how to make fresh pasta dough and try your hand at different traditional pasta shapes, guided by our expert pastai. Of course, you'll also get to savor a dish prepared by our chefs paired with fine Italian wine.


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