Panettone Day is Everyday at Eataly L.A.

Panettone Day is Everyday at Eataly L.A.

Rich, sweet, and fluffy, panettone is Italy's most famous holiday cake. Get into the holiday spirit and find your favorite flavor during our daily complimentary panettone tastings.

Literally translating to "big bread," panettone is traditionally made over several days as artisanal bakers hand-shape the finicky dough with natural yeast that takes at least 30 hours to rise, then fold candied fruit into the dome-shaped cake. We love this classic version, but you should also experiment with the other varieties, from orange to hazelnut to chocolate (swoon).

Stop by the tasting station in our Holiday Pop -Up Market any day of the week from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., where we will be offering complimentary bites of panettone from our favorite artisanal bakers in Italy. Complete your experience with a complimentary taste of vino perfectly paired with the sweet treat. What could be more festive than strolling our bustling market with a glass of wine and tastes of panettone?

Once you find your favorite (check out our ultimate guide for inspiration!), bring them to your holiday table. You can eat the rich, fluffy cake at any hour of the day (read: for breakfast) paired with creamy spreads, alongside coffee, or with a glass of wine. If you're feeling extra sweet, share panettoni with your family and friends. In Italy, we love to give these elegantly wrapped cakes as gifts to symbolize luck and prosperity through the New Year.

No need to register in advance – simply stop by to get a taste.


Buone feste!