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Meet the Winemakers

Meet the Winemakers

We believe the best way to learn about wine is to drink it! And what better way to enjoy a glass than with the winemakers themselves? On Monday, March 18, join us at Terra to discover the wines of Firriato.

We are especially excited to welcome Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato, Firriato Winery's COO. Stop by our rooftop restaurant for dinner, get a glass (or two) from our Firriato selection, and chat with Federico about the varieties of Firriato wines, their sustainable practices, best pairings, and more!

Established in 1984, Firriato is a Sicilian winery with a kaleidoscopic production of 4.5 million bottles a year. Spread on 6 estates, each with a characteristic microclimate, Firriato's mission is to explore the eclectic nature of the Sicilian terroir, today considered a veritable wine continent. Learn more about the winery.

Sabbie Etna bianco


"Our interest - explains Federico Lombardo di Monte Iato - is not only to guarantee the best possible expression of our wines, but to reach superb quality through a virtuous process that is attentive to the environment. The choices we have made over the years are a tribute to our territory: from the nurturing of biodiversity through the Certified Organic cultivation system, up to the innovative eco-compatible recovery of the ancient seventeenth-century structures of Baglio Soria in Trapani and Cavanera on Mount Etna.”

From the glass of the bottle to the paper of the label and even packaging, all products are classified and delivered for the recycle, always ensuring low environmental impact.

Ready to get a sip? Stop by our rooftop restaurant Terra for dinner to chat with Federico and discover the taste of Sicilia on our wine menu. On Monday, we'll be featuring some of Firriato's signature wines, like 'Le Sabbie dell'Etna' 2016, 'Jasmin' Zibbibo 2016, 'Harmonium' Nero d'Avola, and 'L'ecru' Zibbibo Passito. 

Ti aspettiamo!

Zibibbo grapes


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