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Discover the Local Collaborators

Discover the Local Collaborators

With the opening in Los Angeles, Eataly now has 39 locations across the world. However, while we share the same base values, each Eataly is uniquely tailored to its home state, city, and neighborhood. We can't do that without the help of our local flavor!

For more than a year, our team of buyers scoured California to find restaurateurs, farmers, and wineries that share our Slow Food value in good, clean, and fair food. We decided to work with some of the industry’s most respected local players to bring you fresh, sustainable, and high-quality products.

Eataly L.A. is especially unique among all unique Eatalys: the market shelves are filled with 20 percent local products, a first for us. We also are partnering with more local chefs and restaurant groups than ever.

Get to know just a few of our new partners, then taste their fresh flavors for yourself our newest store!


Fruits and vegetables

Fiore Market manages our produce department in partnership with LA & SF Specialty, a premier food-service distributor, and their grower partners. Every day, they provide us with fruits and vegetables in the peak of season carefully sourced from local farms, as well as unique items that are hard to find anywhere else. Products are sourced variety of local farms including Weiser Family Farms, Valdivia Family Farms, Cuyama Orchards, and Rising Ranches.



Fresh mozzarella

Every day, our L.A.-based partner Di Stefano Cheese makes fresh mozzarella and burrata by hand right in front of you, transforming local curd into fresh, flavorful pasta filata cheese under our shared label, Bianca. Di Stefano is a family-owned company with a lifetime of experience and passion for making cheese. Cheesemaker Mimmo Bruno was born in Puglia, where he learned the tradition of mozzarella making and brought it to the U.S., and now Eataly L.A.!

Eataly Los Angeles Bianca Mozzarella


L'Orto dello Chef, a creative salad bar

We are partnering with L.A. restaurants to create flavorful and healthy meals at L'Orto dello Chef, where we're serving satisfying salads, grain bowls, seasonal soups, and fresh juices. We're in good hands, with restaurants such as Rose Café, then moving on to Redbird, Republique, and more. These local hospitality talents head up the menu on a rotating basis through opening year, starting with Chef Jason Neroni of Rose Café.

Eataly_Winter Squash Soup and Salad Selection  salad orto dello chef


Il Pesce Cucina, a seafood-centric restaurant

Providence, a restaurant with two Michelin stars, has defined a new standard of seafood cuisine in America. Led by Chef Michael Cimarusti and co-owner Donato Poto, this signature L.A. restaurant founds its roots in the search for sustainable fish, wild caught and of the finest quality. Ingredients are treated with the greatest respect and technique, with the goal of bringing the freshest seafood flavors to your table. Eataly partners with Providence at Il Pesce Cucina because we believe in the same emphasis on ingredients and search for quality.



In our restaurants, counters, market, and beyond

Get to know all the incredible butchers, bakers, and winemakers that make Eataly L.A. unique! Find us at 10250 Santa Monica Boulevard in Century City at the Westfield Shopping Center.

A presto!

los angeles salumi formaggi pescheria