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Meet Gra'it Grappa

Meet Gra'it Grappa

Gra'it Grappa brings a new spirit to a classic Italian digestivo. Dedicated to the production of high-quality grappa, the Bonollo Family has turned its own distillery into alchemical workshop.


Distillerie Bonollo Umberto is a 4th generation, family owned company with a multi-century tradition in the distillation of premium, high-quality grappe The Bonollo Master distillers have always been at the forefront of innovation by constantly researching new distillation techniques, as seen (and tasted), in one of their newer popular spirits: Gra’it Grappa (2016). Today, Distillerie Bonollo Umberto is the largest and most prominent grappa distiller in Italy.

Gra'it Grappa Eataly Los Angeles


According to ancient legend, grappa is derived from the word graspo, meaning grape bunch in Veneto dialect. Grappa is made by distilling the pomace (a blend of grape seeds, skins, stalks, and stems) residual from the wine-making process. Since grape skins represent 95% of the aromas and properties of the grape, they are key in creating the grappa flavor. The resulting clear liquor is not light by any means — on average, it contains 35 to 60 percent alcohol by volume!

Today, you can find high-quality versions of both dry and sweet grappa but rest assured: it will always have a strong character! It should be served in small glasses of about one to two ounces as a digestivo after dinner.


For the Bonollo Family, seven is the perfect number. Since Italy is the country with the highest number of grape varieties in the world; Gra’it has chosen those from which the seven most renowned Italian wines are created (think: Barolo, Brunello, Amarone) to form the seven grappe that make up the extraordinary Gra'it blend.

Using a unique Bonollo Family method, the seven grappe go through a five-step process, using no artificial flavors, to create the Gra'it blend. The key component? Twelve months of aging in oak barrels to acquire further balance between the grape varietals and a light, spicy tone in the taste.

The result is a grappa that has been developed, perfected and tested to achieve the ideal balance between flavor and versatility, to be enjoyed on its own or in a cocktail. While the strength of grappa may turn off some drinkers, Gra’it has set out to make an accessible spirit for all. Try a pour of grappa in your next Spritz, Negroni, Paloma, Mule or highball for a refreshing twist!

Bartenders around the country have also embraced this Italian spirit as Gra'it Grappa was the star of the first USA grappa-based bartender competition in 2017.

Gra'it Grappa Eataly Los Angeles


From now until the end of August, every Thursday from 4-7 p.m., Grai’t Grappa is popping up at our rooftop restaurant Terra with a Grappa Happy Hour. Choose from three botanical inspired cocktails:

Sipping Sage with Gra’it Grappa, Lemon Juice, Syrup, Pink Peppercorn, Sage, Grapefruit Soda

Gra’it & Tonic with Gra’it Grappa, Tonic Water, Celery Bitter

Italian Mule with Gra’it Grappa, Lemon Juice, Basil Syrup, Basil Leaves, Ginger Beer

Can’t make it to Grappa Happy Hour? Pick up a bottle of Gra’it Grappa in our wine shop, Il Vino. Fun fact: the bottle derives from an original 1856 mold that reflects those used by Venetian perfumers!

Want to learn more about grappa? Check out our ultimate guide. Salute!