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La Piazza

La Piazza

A standing restaurant in the heart of the second floor, La Piazza is modeled after the most traditional Italian concept of gathering in the town square, where friends and family meet every day for a bite and a glass of wine, along with some informal chit-chat.

La Piazza is dedicated to Italian regional dishes, including traditional bites, fresh housemade mozzarella, shareable plates of salumi and cheese, and the unique flatbread panigacci, which is unique to our L.A. location.

But there's more, amici! We're renovating our menu and adding all your favorite pasta dishes! Not to mention the extensive selection of cocktails, wine, and beer is available at our central bar. Enjoy the unique atmosphere, and take a moment to enjoy la dolce vita.


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We feature panigacci in La Piazza to share a taste of a beloved regional street food with L.A. Panigacci are flatbread made with three simple ingredients: water, wheat flour, and salt. The mixture is then poured onto terracotta plates, which are stacked and baked. The resulting flatbread is deliciously simple, allowing for an infinite number of toppings. The best way to enjoy panigacci is when they are still warm, paired with savory salumi and cheese or sweet chocolate or honey. We source the Tuscan flatbread from Wow Panigacci, a small restaurant in Podanzana, Toscana, that is giving new life to a century-old tradition.