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We cook what we sell and sell what we cook. All the ingredients that we cook with are in the market, so you can recreate our dishes at home.

  • Coffee & Tea

    We carefully source the highest quality coffee beans and herbal teas from sustainable producers. Bring home our selection of espresso, drip coffee, whole roasted beans, and flavorful blends, in addition to our array of therapeutic tea infusions. Continue reading

  • Sweets

    At Eataly, we work with the best brands that Italy has to offer for our selection of artisanal candies, crunchy cookies, and rich chocolates. All of our artisanal producers are rich in history and incorporate quality regional ingredients, such as IGP hazelnuts from Le Langhe, Piemonte. Continue reading

  • Beverages

    All of Eataly's drinks are natural: no artificial flavors, no added coloring, and no preservatives. Our refreshing, wholesome selection is certain quench your thirst, from mineral water from the finest Italian springs to sparkling sodas with uniquely fresh flavor to juices made with freshly-picked fruit. Continue reading

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